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Open Market Option Comparisons for Pension Income

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The Difference Between The Best And Worst Pension Incomes Can Be Very Surprising

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Enhanced Annuities / Impaired Annuities

Many retirees ignore a much bigger income

Understanding enhanced annuities

It's estimated that 60% of people could qualify for an enhanced annuity. You could be eligible for an enhanced annuity if:

  1. You smoke
  2. You have ever taken prescription medicine
  3. You have ever been hospitalised for a medical condition
  4. If you are in advanced years

So if you're of advanced age, a smoker or are in poor health (or have been in poor health), you may be able to increase your pension income.

Some annuities, called "Enhanced Annuities" or "Impaired Annuities", pay more than basic annuities because those that are in better health tend to live longer than average. Annuity providers therefore have to pay out more over a healthier person's retirement lifetime so, because of this consideration, the yearly income is usually lower.

This is why it is extremely important to report any medical condition to your adviser, no matter how small you think it is. It may result in you receiving a higher pension.

You may regard yourself to be in relatively good health and therefore not eligible for an enhanced annuity, but the reality is often different. Many think they have to suffer from a serious medical condition such as cancer, stroke or heart disease to receive extra retirement income - this is not always the case. What to some may seem a minor condition or complaint may significantly increase your annual income.

In fact, if you have just one of nearly 1500 conditions, such as being overweight, a digestive complaint, high cholesterol, asthma, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems etc., please make sure you mention it to your annuity adviser.

Additionally, higher incomes are often achieved by:

annuity Smokers of ten or more manufactured cigarettes per day
annuity Those who have retired from certain occupations, especially manual workers
annuity Those who live in certain areas of the country defined by postcodes

It is thought that up to forty percent of the UK's population could increase their pension annuity income with an enhanced annuity. If you believe that you fit into that category, it is crucial that you tell your annuity adviser about it. You'll stand a much improved chance of a higher retirement income for the rest of your life.

Annuities for Smokers

If you smoke, annuity providers factor in that you are likely to die sooner than a person who doesn't smoke. Therefore they assume that they will not be paying you your retirement income for as long a period. A presumed shorter life-span means that being a smoker can boost the amount of income you will receive from your annuity.

So, as a smoker, you may already be eligible to receive a higher income, but also, dependent on your age, you may receive further enhanced annuity rates of up to 30 percent above the standard level annuity rates.

Why use an annuity broker?

1. An annuity broker may be able to secure a better annuity deal than you may be able to achieve.

2. A broker is more likely to have access to a wider range of annuity possibilities than you.

3. Due to their ongoing relationships with annuity providers, they may be in a better position than you to overcome any problems which may arise with your application.

4. You'll have an expert point of contact should anything go wrong or need prompt attention.

5. They work to a set of guidelines laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) who regulate annuity brokers' policies and working methods.

6. Annuity brokers have got an interest in recommending the correct product for your particular circumstances. They'll not wish to fall foul of stringent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) annuity regulations.

7. If you choose not to get Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) registered annuity broker advice, you may not be able to get compensation through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme if you have a future complaint about the recommended annuity.

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